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SHEA BUTTER - Organic cold pressed unrefined Shea Butter from Ghana (1 lb)



Product weight - 1 lb / 16 oz / 0.454 kg

Our superb quality product is imported directly from Ghana, where it is manufactured at a sustainable organic farm by the women of Ghana.
Make Shea Butter your Skin’s Best Friend! And help the women of Ghana stay employed.
Shea butter is an all-natural vitamin A cream. Shea Butter has shown to be a superb moisturizer, with exceptional healing & anti-aging properties for skin and hair.
Although Shea Butter is solid at room temperature, it quickly liquefies right around body temperature.
See just some of the reasons you should use Shea butter in your every day routine.

01. Superb moisturizer for dry skin/ great base under make-up;
02. Offers great relief of any skin rash;
03. Natural sun protector ( approx SPF 4);
04. Heals problem/blemish prone skin;
05. Soothes itching skin;
06. Cures sunburn/ scars;
05. With consistent use will remove fine lines and wrinkles;
08. Heals small skin wounds, burns, skin cracks, tough or rough skin;
09. Miracle cure for dry hair as a moisture surge mask;
10. Cures split ends if applied to ends only;
11. Protects in cold weather as well as against frost bite;
12. Great for manicures and pedicures as well as around cuticle;
13. Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy;
14. Soothes insect bites;
15. Add to your bath for luxurious, moisture surged healthy skin;
16. Use in massage to relieve muscle fatigue, aches and tension;
17. Use before and after strenuous exercise;
18. Soothes skin allergies;
19. Helps with eczema inflammations;
20. Prevents dermatitis;
21. Heals burns, removes scars;

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